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“Everybody promises fresh thinking but in my experience Sword & Stone really deliver on that promise.”

Chris Gardner, Managing Director, Which? Publishing



“If I had one strategic brand initiative that I absolutely had to get right, Sword & Stone would be my pick.”

Tim McGowan, Deputy Vice President, Columbia University Alumni and Development



“Sword & Stone saved us thousands and made us millions.”

Tom Wood, Founding Partner, Foolproof



We find insights and new opportunities for our clients that don’t get them raising one eyebrow, but get them raising both eyebrows. Those are the insights that change things. Those are opportunities you can’t ignore.

Insight & Opportunity

Strategy is about problem solving. Innovation is about ‘new and better’. We’re about both. Comfortable with the board, polyboards and whiteboards. Multi-disciplined. Multi-sector. Multi-ples of three.

Strategy & Innovation

If ‘culture eats strategy for breakfast’ then it starts the day right. We help clients embed strategies and skills inside their organisations to create the culture necessary for change.

Culture Change



We have a rule that our project mix should always span a variety of categories, sectors and cultures. This cross-fertilization is just one of the reasons why we can promise our clients solutions that go beyond the predictable ideas they’ve seen before.

Cartoon Network

Taking Cartoons Seriously

We’ve got a long-standing relationship with children’s powerhouse Cartoon Network, meaning that over the past few years, no one has watched more cartoons, with more intellectual rigour than Sword & Stone.

Cartoon Network boasts some of the most recognised cartoons in the world and has an audience that spans generations – from future cartoon connoisseurs getting their first giggles, to seasoned aficionados kicking back to guaranteed laughs.

Our work has involved helping the network define what sits at the heart of several of its global franchises, defining what’s distinctive about each brand, and helping ensure longevity and value by aligning the business around each brand’s distinctive place in its portfolio.

Along the way we’ve helped the network develop an evergreen brand, turn a cult phenomenon into an iconic property for kid and adult fans, reimagined a cartoon about a family as a cartoon for the family, and positioned a key property for a global brand launch.


Planning an approach to a new corporate partner

We’ve worked with Oxfam on a variety of projects, from communications, media and campaign strategy, to creating a corporate partnership and tapping into new audiences.

Even though we’d love to take you through them all in fine detail, the word count’s telling us that just one case study will do for today. So we’ll tell the story of our work on creating a corporate partnership with Oxfam.

It all began when Oxfam identified a particular corporation that they wanted to approach as a potential partner for fundraising and awareness. But, they weren’t sure how best to pitch themselves – the market is actually pretty crowded, and NGOs today need to show how they will help businesses hit their corporate and CSR goals.

In an intensive 2-day workshop using our Idea AcceleratorTM process, we worked through everything we knew about the corporate partner, and everything we knew about Oxfam, to look for the common points of interest – the middle of the venn diagram, if you will.

At the end of the two days, we’d collectively created a case which Oxfam could pitch.

Princeton University

Optimizing Fundraising Efforts

Optimizing Fundraising Efforts

Princeton University, an Ivy League, in New Jersey is one of the finest universities in the world.

Princeton University wanted to increase their fundraising efforts, and needed compelling stories to engage in conversations with media and donors. Through role-play scenarios we armed frontline fundraisers, support staff and other influential Princeton voices with skills and stories to drive conversations towards engagement and giving, and ensured they spoke as one.

The work we did together with Princeton University was awarded a Bronze Award from CASE (Council for Advancement in Secondary Education), which is the leading international trade association for higher education.

“All of the work we did with Sword & Stone has been invaluable in helping us not only identify key messages, but also in unifying people from many different skill sets and positions.”

Erika L. Knudsen, Associate Director of Marketing, Princeton University Office of Development

Majestic Wine

Directing the Future of a National Retailer

In late 2015, the management team at Majestic were mulling over their long-term business strategy and wanted to mine employee knowledge for insights and opinions that could feed into the company’s direction… We helped them do just that!

Packed with an arsenal of group workshops, diary studies and surveys, we developed an initiative that encouraged Majestic’s staff – from Falmouth to Falkirk, from stores to head office – to voice their thoughts and have their say on the future of the company.

The project engaged hundreds of employees and produced a bucket-load of ideas. We then fermented these ideas into learnings and recommendations that played a big role in the development of Majestic’s business plan.

‘Working with Sword & Stone on the Majestic “Have your say” plan was a fantastic experience, great facilitation and running of a step-change program that looks, feels and has been received by the organisation in a very positive way.’- John Colley, Managing Director, Majestic Wines




Life insurance that ‘de-deaths’ death

Life insurance is a bloody grim category that reinforces our ‘don’t think about it’ relationship with death. We helped InsureTech start-up DeadHappy (DH) build its brand around challenging society’s (unhealthy) attitudes to death and create a launch proposition for a younger demographic.

The life insurance market is incredibly staid. It’s operated the same business model for hundreds of years and is filled with grim brands talking about widows and abandoned children. It’s also a category plagued by incredibly low conversion rates due to products requiring hours and hours of form filling, and extremely high monthly payments.

All BIG barriers to younger consumers – a big target audience Sword & Stone defined for DeadHappy as people who ‘know they should have life insurance’.

DH takes a very, very different approach to appeal to this audience:

  1. By flipping the payment model on its head and creating annually renewable policies, DH can offer life insurance at far more accessible £ rates and a form that only takes minutes to fill.
  2. Each policy also engages customers to think positively about ‘post death’ – getting them to create ‘death wishes’ for their policy (Send mates on a crazy ice surfing trip to Norway? Check.)

Over the period of a month we worked with the company’s founders to focus their audience, brand purpose and product’s launch proposition in order to appeal to consumers (and convince 2nd round investors).

Thanks to our work, they’re now on a journey to challenge society’s (unhealthy) attitudes to death, with policies targeted at a younger demographic that make it easy, and bizarrely entertaining, to plan for your own demise.


Nailing the 24 hour pitch

Having to turn around quality pitch thinking that answers a brief in a creative and effective way is pretty hard. To repeatedly have to do it in 1 or 2 days, is incredibly tough. So we gave CNN training, tips and cognitive tools to get to better insights and ideas, in the space of a few hours.

The 24hr pitch response. This is a common reality for many media companies. It’s certainly the situation for the content teams at CNN, who have to respond to briefs for branded content from a variety of different clients in a very short time-frame.

We worked with the teams to introduce new methods of working and ways of thinking which would deliver great insights and ideas at speed. A core deliverable was a framework that allowed teams to deconstruct client briefs and hunt for answers in new and unexpected places.

Not only did the team get a new sense of what is possible, but they found that the experience helped them collaborate better too. Our work has been so influential that we continue to be engaged by CNN to upskill teams in rapidly delivering insight and creativity in the US.

Who said creativity and efficiency don’t work together?


Telling Better Brand Stories

We created and implemented a training programme designed to make Bacardi’s brand ambassadors tip-top presenters and storytellers. 

Bacardi’s brand ambassadors spend their days and nights hopping between bars, talking to the trade about the brands they represent. In this, good conversations and great brand stories are vital to Bacardi’s business.

With this in mind, we were asked to sharpen up the ambassadors’ presenting skills. Over six weeks we ran a comprehensive training programme that covered everything from performance skills, to presentation construction, to storytelling and media training.

The course took a practical, collaborative approach, giving the group the skills to present their brands in a confident and engaging way.

‘The programme was life changing. Initially I wasn’t convinced that a course like this could dramatically change my confidence, skills and my understanding of how I can apply this to what I do.’ - Bacardi Brand Ambassador/Programme Participant




Innovative new fundraising models

Innovative new fundraising models

WaterAid, the UK's dedicated water charity,  had optimized its fundraising model to the limit, which left a £5m gap. We were asked to fill that gap.

We lead a WaterAid and agency working team to generate new giving models. We did this by looking at ‘levers’ of giving models, not just brainstorming ideas.

As a result of our thinking, WaterAid rejuvenated its fundraising efforts and were able to present strong business cases to the board.


Renovating the roofing category

We developed the name and identity for ‘Tonova’ – a new company that’s making ‘getting a new roof’ as easy as calling a cab.

Buying a roof is a huge, complicated purchase typically associated with lots of stress and worry, and rightly so… after all, having a roof over your head is pretty fundamental to wellbeing. It’s something you definitely don’t want to mess up.

Yet roofing had seen very little innovation, with most people left relying on word of mouth recommendations to find local roofers, who – more often than not – shirked off once the tea was finished.

Experiences like these put a ceiling on people’s expectations, leaving them feeling like they were unable to make informed, confident decisions on what was literally being built above their heads.

Thankfully, all this is changing – with a new online platform that’s made changing a roof (almost) as easy as calling a cab or a takeaway.

But this new platform needed a name and an identity...

This is where Sword & Stone came in, running workshops to come up with a name and designing a fresh, modern identity for the service: ‘Tonova’. Formed from the Latin word for ‘new’ and the Welsh word for ‘roof’, the name refers to the product that the happy customer receives, as well as the disruptive step forward that this platform has created in the roofing industry itself.

Columbia University

Brand Repositioning

Brand Repositioning

Columbia University, an Ivy League, in New York City is one of the finest universities in the world.

Our relationship with the university spans a number of years and a variety of projects. From developing the university’s fundraising campaign in 2012, to renaming and positioning The Data Science Institute. It allowed Columbia University to secure real world big data contracts, to developing the vision for Columbia Magazine which reaches some of the most powerful people on the planet.

"Sword & Stone can align senior clients who have different perspectives/agendas by providing actionable, insight driven strategies. If I had one strategic initiative that I absolutely had to get right, Sword & Stone would be my pick!” 

Tim McGowan, Deputy Vice President, Alumni and Development, Columbia University


Keeping a British Icon Relevant

We’ve worked with Which? on a variety of projects that’ve helped the iconic organisation stay relevant and prepare for the future.

Despite what you might think, Which? aren’t just about washing machine reviews: They provide guidance and advice on all sorts of issues – from financial decisions to legal matters, to university choices (and yes… sometimes home appliances).

Our projects, over the past five years, have included helping to develop long-term business strategies, creating new propositions and routes to market, and increasing capability around insight generation, consumer understanding and organisational change.

Since we started working with Which?, Which? Mortgage advisers have grown, Which? Legal has continued its strong upward trajectory and the organisation’s revenues have risen. (Of course, it’s not all down to Sword & Stone, but our contribution has played a part!)

‘Everybody promises fresh thinking but in my experience Sword & Stone really deliver on that promise.’ Chris Gardner, Managing Director, Which? Publishing


Strategic Skills Audit

Strategic Skills Audit

Pharmaceutical company GSK wanted to identify the skills gaps across their marketing department in order to implement a training programme. By looking beyond specific skills gaps to consider what was needed for development in the long term, we turned a department audit into a broader strategic plan intended to transform GSK’s marketing into a high performance team capable of leading the industry.

“You delivered everything that we hoped for on this project and a lot more too. You brought real insight into our opportunity as a marketing organisation and a highly strategic recommendation on where we should focus to not just improve but to transform from good to industry leading.”

Anna Hale, Area Marketing Director Northern Europe, GSK Consumer Healthcare

General Assembly



General Assembly is a pioneer in education and career transformation, specializing in today’s most in-demand digital skills.

We were asked to help coach students pitching to clients on a live brief, in two specific areas: firstly, how to think when answering the brief and, secondly, when formulating and presenting their final presentation back to the clients.

“The pitches went so well that two teams were offered full-time roles almost immediately after presenting. They all reframed the original briefs and got some good storytelling in there too. Clients were all blown away. The feedback from the students from your session was awesome. You guys made a massive difference.”

Andrew Godfrey, UX Design Lead Instructor, General Assembly


Brand Positioning

Brand Positioning

We worked with New York agency Hudson Rouge to develop a brand strategy for Sprout baby food. Running focus groups, we heard about the judgment and dishonesty moms receive daily from the media, their peers and even themselves. Sprout prides itself on honesty – it uses only natural ingredients and displays them clearly on its transparent packs. So we positioned Sprout as the ‘Honestly Good’ brand, helping modern moms.

“Sword & Stone is a group of very smart people who are passionate about the power of creative strategy. I’d recommend this team highly whether you need fresh insight into a familiar problem or pointed inspiration to tackle a new challenge.”

Kris Shaffer, EVP Director Brand Planning, Hudson Rouge

Missing Children Europe

Commanding the attention of the EU parliament

By the time you finish reading this case (-2mins), a child will have gone missing in Europe. Missing Children Europe, a Brussels-based NGO, asked us for ideas to raise awareness of their helpline and influence European policy makers, the press and the public. We did just that.

When you’re an NGO, often tight budgets and big responsibilities come with the territory. And it never helps when government funding is being cut left, right and centre. Sword & Stone were engaged to rapidly develop creative ideas for Missing Children Europe that would deliver high impact for minimal cost.

Well… What could be more impactful than seeing the things that are left behind when a child goes missing?

Outside the European Parliament in the centre of Brussels, we created a large-scale installation of children’s second hand clothes, toys and books, all arranged in the shape of Missing Children Europe’s 116000 hotline number. This drew heartstrings and attention to the crucial resource (currently facing funding cuts) which provides practical, emotional and legal support to at-risk children and their families.

The stunt drew crowds of passers-by, as well as key MEPs, some of whom even helped build the installation with their own donations of clothes. The installation gained coverage in the European press and across social media, calling for greater public awareness, better funding and policy change to help solve this critical issue.


Defining Kids TV in the Digital Age

We created the global positioning for Boomerang – helping take it from a support channel for Cartoon Network, to a future-proof flagship brand for younger kids.

Through Cartoon Network, Turner Entertainment has been one of the leading voices in kids’ entertainment for over two decades. But in recent years the tide has been changing, with new media like YouTube and Netflix giving kids way less of a reason to watch linear (normal) TV.

In order to turn around declining ratings, Turner needed to raise the profile of, and capture a larger, yet more targeted audience for Cartoon Network’s sister channel Boomerang.

Boomerang had originally been an outlet for Turner’s archival content (which includes classics like Tom & Jerry and Scooby Doo), but in order to make the brand relevant we needed to find a credible reason as to why 21st century iKids would forgo Minecraft or Joe Vloggs to watch cartoons on Boomerang.

We undertook copious amounts of desk-research, watched a hell-of-a-lot-of the crazy, weird stuff kids watch these days, and fed all of this into workshop attended by 20 or so cartoon enthusiasts (aka Boomerang stakeholders), leveraging the collective creative genius in attendance to create a role for Boomerang that all-but guarantees your grandchildren’s grandchildren will be engaging with the brand in however many hundreds of years.


The AA

Proposition Creation

Proposition Creation

Breakdown cover provider and insurer The AA was planning to launch a new mortgage product, and needed a consumer-facing proposition to go to market with.

We developed a strategic proposition for the new product based on insight from customer calls and the outputs of our Idea Accelerator™ workshop run with key stakeholders.

We found that consumers generally make mortgage enquiries based on rate, not realising that lower rates often meant higher fees overall. In a market shouting about rates, rates, rates, we created a proposition based on the better long-term value that mortgages from The AA deliver for their members.


Innovation and Proposition Development

Innovation and Proposition Development

BGL is one of the UK’s largest consumer insurance groups. They own companies such as Comparethemarket in the UK, LesFurets in France and hoyhoy in the Netherlands, with the group turning over a combined revenue of £507 million in 2014.

Our work with BGL has spanned several projects and brands with different purposes: from creating reward mechanics which ensured consumers completed their purchase journey, to articulating go-to market propositions.

'I’ve been involved in a number of strategic projects, and have found that the most powerful ones are not always those with the most innovative thinking, but those where the team are most enthusiastic about it. With Christian and the team, however, we get both. Their approach creates the perfect blend of creativity and engagement, they are my go-to place for anything that’s a little bit difficult.'

Dominic Holton, Associate Director,

Care UK

Improving the nation’s health (digitally)

We helped Care UK free up NHS doctor’s surgeries by creating a proposition for a new digital service which is giving patients easy access to healthcare professionals.

In partnership with communications agency Founded, we conducted qualitative research to understand the British public’s experience of the current GP system and their reactions to a potential new digital solution.

Our initial hunch was that the older the patient, the more likely they’d be to reject the new service: we thought they’d be reluctant out of a general ‘technophobia’ and also because of their nostalgia for the ‘old days’ of the NHS.

But Sword & Stone doesn’t jump to conclusions ;) so we held a dozen focus groups to gather in-depth opinions from people of all ages and life-stages. And, alas, our initial hypothesis was proven completely wrong!

We heard how patients’ varying levels of dissatisfaction with their GP service, personal relationship with their doctor and confidence in their own body and symptoms played a far greater role in their ‘readiness for’ or ‘rejection of’ the new system. This showed us that the UK’s embracing of the ‘digital revolution’ is far more nuanced than young vs old.

This crucial insight paved the way for us to create a proposition for the new service that made sure it would cater to improving the health of the whole nation, and not just ‘digital-savvy millennials’… #niceone


‘Crafting the future’ of a national retailer

We spent weeks travelling the country speaking to employees across the business to ‘craft the future’ of national retailer Hobbycraft. Get ready for all of the craft puns.

Hobbycraft is a UK retailer selling supplies for painting, sewing, knitting, crocheting, baking, jewellery making, paper maché-ing… It is craft heaven to its customers, and its employees are just as passionate and knowledgeable about all things artistic.

But Hobbycraft were finding that often, a ‘stitch was dropped’ when it came to the customer experience. Instead of which being purely about creativity, passion and inspiration, staff were often tied up with unnecessary admin and process, which took them away from essential time on the shop floor.

So when the leadership team at Hobbycraft asked us to help ‘craft’ a 5 year plan to shape the next 5 years of the business, we got stuck in.

We conducted a review of the entire company, spending time in stores across the country, in the national distribution centre and in head office, speaking to both employees and customers, in order to help us ‘paint a picture’ of a typical day in the life of a Hobbycraft colleague.

With insights gathered from across the business, we ‘stitched together’ a plan for Hobbycraft, advising on everything from the company’s overarching strategic vision, down to the operational details of things such as click and collect, ensuring that customer needs are the ‘glue’ for everything Hobbycraft does.

LSE Faith Centre

Transforming ‘interfaith’ on and beyond campus

In a world where religious differences are becoming more extreme, the LSE Faith Centre, which brings together people of different religious backgrounds in dialogue, has never been more important. Sword & Stone helped define the organisation’s vision for the future as they move beyond campus to expand their reach and impact.

Faith is at the heart of identity, community and conflict in today’s world. Pitched against Western assumptions of secularity is a world which is actually growing more, not less religious, and where religious conflict affects societies on all continents.

In the wake of this, the Faith Centre at the London School of Economics has evolved dramatically in the past few years – from a space for student prayer, to a leader in the interfaith sector that runs programmes, international field trips, training for the UK Foreign Office. With this evolution has come to opportunity to expanding its ambitions for transform interfaith dialogue (on and beyond campus).

We helped the Centre to define a vision for its future, a distinctive position within the sector, and a messaging framework to communicate with students, governments and media. At the heart of all of this work was the idea that, unlike others, the organization is unafraid to explore the difficult spaces within and between faiths.

Today the Centre continues to promote this idea across all their internal and external communications, with their long term ambition to transform interfaith relationships and attitudes across the world.


Communications for the home of Bluetooth

We created a communications idea and strategy to help establish Ideon as a leading global science park and centre for innovation.

Bluetooth. Sony. Ericsson. Global iconic brands with one thing in common – their home is Ideon Science Park, Sweden.

As one of the world’s leading science parks, Ideon wanted to strengthen its foothold on the international market and attract more multinational corporations – but was faced with increased competition among other innovation centres around the world.

We created a communications idea and strategy that activated the positioning and tagline (“Where sharp minds create the future”), and helped deliver the Ideon Science Park vision of increased international presence, all timed with their 35th Anniversary celebration.


Launch Strategy and Creative Development

Launch Strategy and Creative Development

Simplyhealth is the largest health cash plan provider in the UK, owning nearly 50% of the market. Having worked on a number of significant projects for the organisation, Sword & Stone were asked to help with the launch of its new eldercare product – Simplyhealth Care for Life.

With limited eldercare services available in a nation that has an ageing population and no organisation championing the issue, we created a thought leadership strategy that would define Simplyhealth as its champion. This in place, we assisted with the launch of the service by producing the sell-in collateral for sales teams as well as a communications plan and key messages.

Investors in People

Insight and Advertising Strategy

Insight and Advertising Strategy

Sword & Stone was brought in by OgilvyOne Business to help develop the strategy behind a communications campaign for accreditation organisation Investors in People (IIP). The strategy used the idea of ‘Outperformance’ to create a campaign aligning IIP with high levels of business improvement. The campaign saw IIP’s Net Promoter Score increase by 8 percentage points, and it was awarded winner of Best Brand Initiative at the 2015 B2B Communications Awards.

'The insight, commitment and practical help of Christian and the rest of the Sword & Stone team played a significant role in developing the Outperformance campaign for IIP. I would wholeheartedly recommend Sword & Stone to any prospective businesses looking for creative help at any level.'

Richard Watkins, Executive Director, Ogilvy


Brand Positioning, Vision and Mission, Design Briefing

Brand Positioning, Vision and Mission, Design Briefing

Foolproof wanted to reposition itself: to shift from a UX agency to an experience design agency, whose image better reflected the client experience and agency output they offered.

We facilitated a two day workshop that generated a vision, mission, values and goals. We also acted as strategic consultant for a new brand design, overseeing a pitch process and the creation of a bold, iconic identity that reflected the new positioning.

'Sword & Stone saved us thousands and made us millions. We’d built a thriving business over 10 years but our positioning and brand identity was lagging the reality of our capabilities. Sword&Stone helped us work through positioning strategy and arrive at a brief for brand identity so that we didn’t waste time or money with the visual identity partner they recommended to us. The resulting work transformed the public face of our business and gave us access to contracts and revenues that would previously have been out of reach.'

Tom Wood, Founding Partner, Foolproof


Navigating a Name Through an Organisation

We created a name and logo for a new product for accreditation provider Axelos, and helped navigate it through various levels of decision-makers to align the organisation around it.

As well as a creative act, naming is often a political act too. When there are multiple stakeholders with differing ideas around what a new product or service should be, choosing one final name can be a more difficult process than it first appears!

This was the case at Axelos, the provider of leading accreditation programmes such as PRINCE2®, ITIL®and RESILIA®. The organisation was creating a new certification which needed a name and logo. Above all, Axelos needed this name to have the backing of everyone involved in the process.

We began by writing a clear naming brief against which we could objectively judge any shortlisted names. We then held two naming workshops, one internally, and one involving key stakeholders at Axelos, in order to get all team members involved and contributing their ideas.

This meant that a final name, logo and colour palette, which were on brief and had the backing of the Axelos team, were chosen.

The resulting product brand will be launched externally later this year.


Culture Change

Culture Change

ISBA is Britain’s industry body for advertisers. It looks after advertisers’ interests and helps raise standards in marketing through training and consultancy.

Sword & Stone have worked with ISBA for many years and provide training courses including:

  • Better briefing
  • How to think more creatively
  • Integrated marketing
  • Strategic thinking

Increasingly we are helping clients take training into the heart of how they do marketing in order to create culture change within their organisations. Projects have included helping one of the leading UK supermarkets with their learning and development programme, a big pharma company with how to develop marketing skills strategically, and a food retailer with how to re-organise their approval process for creative work.

“John Howkins was brilliant. A perfectly pitched course, great at bringing people in, but also at holding the room. Very knowledgeable, engaging and personable. Would definitely recommend”

Department Head, Leading Supermarket Company

Forces Mutual

Brand Creation and Positioning

Brand Creation and Positioning

As a result of a merger, Forces Financial became Forces Mutual – one of the largest specialist insurers of the British forces. In collaboration with Foolproof we were asked to create the brand, with positioning work driving identity and web design.

Our research with personnel on base revealed that their needs were often misunderstood by ‘civi’ companies, and that the perceived unique strength of Forces Financial was its staff’s ability to really understand their needs (due to a workforce made up largely of veterans and people from military families.)

This lead to us positioning Forces Mutual as the financial ally to the armed forces, a thought which has influenced all aspects of design, communications and company culture.

Braas Monier

Brand Creation and Naming

Brand Creation and Naming

Braas Monier Group is a worldwide leader in roofing materials. In 2014 the company had global sales of €1.211 billion, with offices in 35 countries and over 7,300 employees.

In late 2015 the company developed an innovative technology capable of producing new strong concrete tiles that weigh 40% less. This is an innovation that allows hundreds of thousands of European homes with light sub-construction to have a real tile roof for the first time. After winning a competitive pitch, we were asked to produce a name and a story for this technology.

What we created, over a period of just 6 weeks with a process that involved and aligned key stakeholders, was the proprietary ingredient brand Aerlox. Since then the group has invested in building the brand, ensuring that it generates increasing value for Braas-Monier in each European market it is introduced to.





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