The answer is where you think it isn’t

By Caroline Jacobsson

You are not alone wishing you could think new, fresh and differently. Everyone thinks that from time to time. We meet them every day. Big companies from all kinds of sectors and some of the best-known charities in the world wish the same. They are caught in a line of thinking and find it hard to move in a new direction. It is easy to think and do like everyone else. Or like you always have. At Sword & Stone we show you how to get to the answer in the place where you think it isn’t.


Having worked with a diverse selection of clients, from Bacardi to Princeton University, Cartoon Networks to Greenpeace International and Lincoln Cars to WaterAid UK, means we’re always thinking about new problems in different ways.


They all come to us and ask to find new ways to raise funds or to find a shared voice to speak to donors. They might be looking for new stories to tell, but have no idea where to look or what makes a good story in the first place. Finding new ways of reaching out to your community of supporters is always a challenge. Your supporters are overloaded with requests from charities representing all kinds of worthy causes. How do you get your community to keep supporting you and how do you do it in a way that sets you apart from other charities in a very competitive market?


That is where we come in!


On 7 June Sword & Stone is organising a training evening that focuses on how charities can think differently and develop strategies and apply them to their own live situations.

All participants are invited to bring a case they need some help with. We provide you with live support and will do our best to provide you with some ideas to think about your problems in a new, fresh and different way.


With great trainers and a friendly and fun atmosphere it is bound to be an inspirational evening!


The workshop training is lead by John Howkins, Co-Founder at Sword & Stone. He is a super trainer!


“John Howkins was brilliant. A perfectly pitched course, great at bringing people in, but also at holding the room. Very knowledgeable, engaging and personable. Would definitely recommend.”


Department Head, Leading Supermarket Company


John is joined by Christian Barnett, the second co-founder at Sword & Stone. Christian feels strongly about strategy!


“In my experience, over 30 years, I’ve come to the conclusion that strategy is the most valuable investment an organisation can make. Because if the strategy is wrong then everything that follows from it is a waste of time and money. ”


Chris Gardner, Commercial Director at Which? thinks we’re great! “Everybody promises fresh thinking, but in my experience Sword & Stone really deliver on that promise.”


These are examples of our projects:


Email Caroline to receive our leaflet for charities “Are you fully realising your untapped potential?”

Sign up to the training here or email Caroline to make sure you get a seat at the table.

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