By Flo Sayers

We developed the name and identity for ‘Tonova’ – a new company that’s making ‘getting a new roof’ as easy as calling a cab.

Buying a roof is a huge, complicated purchase typically associated with lots of stress and worry, and rightly so… after all, having a roof over your head is pretty fundamental to wellbeing. It’s something you definitely don’t want to mess up.

Yet roofing had seen very little innovation, with most people left relying on word of mouth recommendations to find local roofers, who – more often than not – shirked off once the tea was finished.

Experiences like these put a ceiling on people’s expectations, leaving them feeling like they were unable to make informed, confident decisions on what was literally being built above their heads.

Thankfully, all this is changing – with a new online platform that’s made changing a roof (almost) as easy as calling a cab or a takeaway.

But this new platform needed a name and an identity…

This is where Sword & Stone came in, running workshops to come up with a name and designing a fresh, modern identity for the service: ‘Tonova’. Formed from the Latin word for ‘new’ and the Welsh word for ‘roof’, the name refers to the product that the happy customer receives, as well as the disruptive step forward that this platform has created in the roofing industry itself.

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