Princeton University

By Caroline Jacobsson

Optimizing Fundraising Efforts

Princeton University, an Ivy League, in New Jersey is one of the finest universities in the world.

Princeton University wanted to increase their fundraising efforts, and needed compelling stories to engage in conversations with media and donors. Through role-play scenarios we armed frontline fundraisers, support staff and other influential Princeton voices with skills and stories to drive conversations towards engagement and giving, and ensured they spoke as one.

The work we did together with Princeton University was awarded a Bronze Award from CASE (Council for Advancement in Secondary Education), which is the leading international trade association for higher education.

“All of the work we did with Sword & Stone has been invaluable in helping us not only identify key messages, but also in unifying people from many different skill sets and positions.”

Erika L. Knudsen, Associate Director of Marketing, Princeton University Office of Development

Sword & Stone Social Impact Unit

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