By Flo Sayers

We’ve worked with Oxfam on a variety of projects, from communications, media and campaign strategy, to creating a corporate partnership and tapping into new audiences.

Even though we’d love to take you through them all in fine detail, the word count’s telling us that just one case study will do for today. So we’ll tell the story of our work on creating a corporate partnership with Oxfam.

It all began when Oxfam identified a particular corporation that they wanted to approach as a potential partner for fundraising and awareness. But, they weren’t sure how best to pitch themselves – the market is actually pretty crowded, and NGOs today need to show how they will help businesses hit their corporate and CSR goals.

In an intensive 2-day workshop using our Idea AcceleratorTM process, we worked through everything we knew about the corporate partner, and everything we knew about Oxfam, to look for the common points of interest – the middle of the venn diagram, if you will.

At the end of the two days, we’d collectively created a case which Oxfam could pitch.

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