LSE Faith Centre

By Flo Sayers

In a world where religious differences are becoming more extreme, the LSE Faith Centre, which brings together people of different religious backgrounds in dialogue, has never been more important. Sword & Stone helped define the organisation’s vision for the future as they move beyond campus to expand their reach and impact.

Faith is at the heart of identity, community and conflict in today’s world. Pitched against Western assumptions of secularity is a world which is actually growing more, not less religious, and where religious conflict affects societies on all continents.

In the wake of this, the Faith Centre at the London School of Economics has evolved dramatically in the past few years – from a space for student prayer, to a leader in the interfaith sector that runs programmes, international field trips, training for the UK Foreign Office. With this evolution has come to opportunity to expanding its ambitions for transform interfaith dialogue (on and beyond campus).

We helped the Centre to define a vision for its future, a distinctive position within the sector, and a messaging framework to communicate with students, governments and media. At the heart of all of this work was the idea that, unlike others, the organization is unafraid to explore the difficult spaces within and between faiths.

Today the Centre continues to promote this idea across all their internal and external communications, with their long term ambition to transform interfaith relationships and attitudes across the world.

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