By James Lees

Brand Positioning, Vision and Mission, Design Briefing

Foolproof wanted to reposition itself: to shift from a UX agency to an experience design agency, whose image better reflected the client experience and agency output they offered.

We facilitated a two day workshop that generated a vision, mission, values and goals. We also acted as strategic consultant for a new brand design, overseeing a pitch process and the creation of a bold, iconic identity that reflected the new positioning.

‘Sword & Stone saved us thousands and made us millions. We’d built a thriving business over 10 years but our positioning and brand identity was lagging the reality of our capabilities. Sword&Stone helped us work through positioning strategy and arrive at a brief for brand identity so that we didn’t waste time or money with the visual identity partner they recommended to us. The resulting work transformed the public face of our business and gave us access to contracts and revenues that would previously have been out of reach.’

Tom Wood, Founding Partner, Foolproof

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