By Flo Sayers

Having to turn around quality pitch thinking that answers a brief in a creative and effective way is pretty hard. To repeatedly have to do it in 1 or 2 days, is incredibly tough. So we gave CNN training, tips and cognitive tools to get to better insights and ideas, in the space of a few hours.

The 24hr pitch response. This is a common reality for many media companies. It’s certainly the situation for the content teams at CNN, who have to respond to briefs for branded content from a variety of different clients in a very short time-frame.

We worked with the teams to introduce new methods of working and ways of thinking which would deliver great insights and ideas at speed. A core deliverable was a framework that allowed teams to deconstruct client briefs and hunt for answers in new and unexpected places.

Not only did the team get a new sense of what is possible, but they found that the experience helped them collaborate better too. Our work has been so influential that we continue to be engaged by CNN to upskill teams in rapidly delivering insight and creativity in the US.

Who said creativity and efficiency don’t work together?

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