Care UK

By Flo Sayers

We helped Care UK free up NHS doctor’s surgeries by creating a proposition for a new digital service which is giving patients easy access to healthcare professionals.

In partnership with communications agency Founded, we conducted qualitative research to understand the British public’s experience of the current GP system and their reactions to a potential new digital solution.

Our initial hunch was that the older the patient, the more likely they’d be to reject the new service: we thought they’d be reluctant out of a general ‘technophobia’ and also because of their nostalgia for the ‘old days’ of the NHS.

But Sword & Stone doesn’t jump to conclusions 😉 so we held a dozen focus groups to gather in-depth opinions from people of all ages and life-stages. And, alas, our initial hypothesis was proven completely wrong!

We heard how patients’ varying levels of dissatisfaction with their GP service, personal relationship with their doctor and confidence in their own body and symptoms played a far greater role in their ‘readiness for’ or ‘rejection of’ the new system. This showed us that the UK’s embracing of the ‘digital revolution’ is far more nuanced than young vs old.

This crucial insight paved the way for us to create a proposition for the new service that made sure it would cater to improving the health of the whole nation, and not just ‘digital-savvy millennials’… #niceone

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