Braas Monier

By Flo Sayers

Brand Creation and Naming

Braas Monier Group is a worldwide leader in roofing materials. In 2014 the company had global sales of €1.211 billion, with offices in 35 countries and over 7,300 employees.

In late 2015 the company developed an innovative technology capable of producing new strong concrete tiles that weigh 40% less. This is an innovation that allows hundreds of thousands of European homes with light sub-construction to have a real tile roof for the first time. After winning a competitive pitch, we were asked to produce a name and a story for this technology.

What we created, over a period of just 6 weeks with a process that involved and aligned key stakeholders, was the proprietary ingredient brand Aerlox. Since then the group has invested in building the brand, ensuring that it generates increasing value for Braas-Monier in each European market it is introduced to.

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