By Flo Sayers

Innovation and Proposition Development

BGL is one of the UK’s largest consumer insurance groups. They own companies such as Comparethemarket in the UK, LesFurets in France and hoyhoy in the Netherlands, with the group turning over a combined revenue of £507 million in 2014.

Our work with BGL has spanned several projects and brands with different purposes: from creating reward mechanics which ensured consumers completed their purchase journey, to articulating go-to market propositions.

‘I’ve been involved in a number of strategic projects, and have found that the most powerful ones are not always those with the most innovative thinking, but those where the team are most enthusiastic about it. With Christian and the team, however, we get both. Their approach creates the perfect blend of creativity and engagement, they are my go-to place for anything that’s a little bit difficult.’

Dominic Holton, Associate Director,

Sword & Stone Social Impact Unit

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