By Flo Sayers

We created and implemented a training programme designed to make Bacardi’s brand ambassadors tip-top presenters and storytellers. 

Bacardi’s brand ambassadors spend their days and nights hopping between bars, talking to the trade about the brands they represent. In this, good conversations and great brand stories are vital to Bacardi’s business.

With this in mind, we were asked to sharpen up the ambassadors’ presenting skills. Over six weeks we ran a comprehensive training programme that covered everything from performance skills, to presentation construction, to storytelling and media training.

The course took a practical, collaborative approach, giving the group the skills to present their brands in a confident and engaging way.

‘The programme was life changing. Initially I wasn’t convinced that a course like this could dramatically change my confidence, skills and my understanding of how I can apply this to what I do.’ – Bacardi Brand Ambassador/Programme Participant



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