By Flo Sayers

We created a name and logo for a new product for accreditation provider Axelos, and helped navigate it through various levels of decision-makers to align the organisation around it.

As well as a creative act, naming is often a political act too. When there are multiple stakeholders with differing ideas around what a new product or service should be, choosing one final name can be a more difficult process than it first appears!

This was the case at Axelos, the provider of leading accreditation programmes such as PRINCE2®, ITIL®and RESILIA®. The organisation was creating a new certification which needed a name and logo. Above all, Axelos needed this name to have the backing of everyone involved in the process.

We began by writing a clear naming brief against which we could objectively judge any shortlisted names. We then held two naming workshops, one internally, and one involving key stakeholders at Axelos, in order to get all team members involved and contributing their ideas.

This meant that a final name, logo and colour palette, which were on brief and had the backing of the Axelos team, were chosen.

The resulting product brand will be launched externally later this year.

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