3min creative challenge – #2

By James Lees

Following on from our first 3min Creative Challenge (that we had some excellent responses to), we thought we’d run a second creative challenge to again get people thinking differently on their coffee break.




1. Because good creative writing demands that we avoid the obvious/familiar ideas that first come to mind. Practicing it, is really getting your brain to practice creating something new, distinctive and meaningful – something we obviously find useful in the day to day here at S&S.


2. By doing something creative on a break (writing), rather than passive (reading), you stimulate your brain in a different way.


So here’s another 3 min challenge. Try and turn these would be clichés into something original:


Always look on the…

Every cloud has a…

There’s a glimmer of…

He’s a glutton for…

Practice makes…


Comment with your responses back on this post so we can see how you got on.


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